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a lot. 

have to go through

 you generally see


When you look at modeling, 

So, at first I had sort of that

premonition. I was like

Uh... am I going to have to...?

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There's this fear... like, is this too much?

am I going too far?

are people going to like it?

will they take my work, or my content, my creativity,

Are people going to accept me if I choose this is the way I want to be represented? 

or should I just kind of 50-50 it?

 the way I wanna do it,

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and I think that fear's being conquered. 

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As we always say,


There are so many options, 

so many images to appreciate... 

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like in the end you're going to get to something

It's never linear. yet it


aug 16, 2020

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009 EDIT
011 EDIT
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002 Abbie frame.jpg

...looking at this work,

I'm seeing

a part of myself

and I'm seeing it 

that exists in my head,

and I'm like "Oh my God!"

on screen,

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monolithic representations.

it's key to challenge

That strategy will make us

Otherwise we will only

stay in the background.

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"Participatory work is very important, but again, having creatives of color is huge. There is power in number. It's the one way we can remake the space. And I'd also say,

bringing things that will always challenge the spectator. We shouldn't be scared, and I understand why we are, but we shouldn't be afraid of inhabiting the risk, or doing things that are unconventional". 

Photo work


Video work

Features "Melodica fever", by


Alesia Karpeichik · Daniel Rodríguez

Abimbola Iyun @abbisapphire

Daniel Rodríguez

Peter Chaves & Michael Melody

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