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What is human consciousness made of, if not the memory of places and people we've experienced? My work as an independent media producer is influenced by the notions of time and space and how they can contribute to shape and mediate political expression. Time and space -and what they mean to us- determine not only what we are able to experience and approach from the world but also how we do it -the way in which we perceive and judge reality-. The more we as human bodies interact with time and space as languages of subjectivity the more they will lead us deepen the always complex exploration of what we are as individual, local, national, and worldwide entities. 

I was born and Mexico City and grew up in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. I hold a Bachelor degree in Social Communication from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Xochimilco (UAM-X). Currently, I live in Carbondale, Illinois, USA, where I am a candidate to a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Media Arts at Southern Illinois University. 


Carole Fielding Grant - University Film and Video Association (2021)

Integrity Arts and Culture Association (IACA) Grant (2021)

 Fulbright - Amizade Special Service Scholarship (2019)

Fulbright - García Robles Scholarship (2018-2020)

Transom Traveling Scholarship · Atlantic Public Media (2019)

Finalista - Burien Film Festival (2016)

Finalist - Elena Garro Short Story University Contest Award (2015)

Jury Prize - Brownsville International Film Fest (2016)

Audience Award - Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival DOCS DF (2015)

2016 Directing Award - Xelhua National Short Film Fest


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